Does Fireworks support custom base models?

Yes, custom base models can be deployed via firectl. You can learn more about them in this blog

There’s a model I would like to use that isn’t available on Fireworks.

We are actively taking feature requests for new, popular models to deploy on our platform. Head over to our Discord server and let us know which models you would like to see us deploy next!

If it’s a PEFT add-on of a base model already available on our platform, you can deploy it yourself today!

What’s logged by Fireworks?

No prompt or generated data is logged on Fireworks, only meta-data like the number of tokens in a request, as required to deliver the service. The one exception to this rule is our proprietary FireFunction model where input/output data is logged to be able to view bulk analytics like the number of functions provided to the model.

I have another question or an issue.

We have an active Discord community where you can post questions, request features, and file bug reports.

Do you host your deployments in EU or Asia?

We are currently deployed in multiple US based locations. However, we are open to hear more to understand your specific requirements. Kindly join our Discord community or write us at

If you’re an Enterprise customer, please contact your dedicated customer support representative to ensure a timely response.

What support options exist?

Enterprise accounts receive dedicated support. For developer tier, please go to Discord to interact directly with the team and community.